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The one and only intention of underwater propeller polish is to reduce the surface friction. Ship’s depends on based on the resulting fuel savings costs once made a propeller polishing AQUADIVER PROPELLER POLISH? A soft surface of the propeller blades are easy to marine fouling attached to the blades reduces the efficiency of the propeller.

AQUADIVER with your hydraulic equipment removes this marine grow of the propeller blades. And it provides shiny and fine finishing blades using a high combination of special abrasive for polishing Propeller Polishing Reduce Fuel Consumption When marine fouling grows produce friction on the propeller blade surface Efficiency decreases and increases fuel consumption. Propeller Polishing in Panama Removes the barnacles from the surface of blades, significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase reliability and prolong the cycles of maintenance of vessels. Propeller polishing is permissible in Panamanian Ports and harbors providing the requirements This Diving labor may take a 4-hour If do you believed in a proper propeller maintenance should result in fuel savings per annual of at least 10% depending on vessel AQUADIVER in Panama use the 3M marine products abrasives pads for propeller polishing. Our clients consistently advise us after service of the immediate recognizable. We Offer:

Photos Before and after
Evaluation and report
Aft end inspections (with Photos & Videos)
Hydraulic underwater polishing equipment
Fuel cost saving
HD video